Monday, July 2, 2018

Hey David … You told me that doing this church plant was going to be a challenge. And you were so right. Our funds are so limited. I can barely afford any staff help and we have to measure everything against how much it costs. Help?

DRF—Your comments could be right out of a textbook on church planting.Very few new churches have much money. However, this gives your church a sense of great dependency on God. You need God to provide money and energy each week. You need every person to be active and help in some way. If one of the set-up people doesn’t show up one week, they will be missed!

The best and hardest times are all rolled into the same period! You have a sense of dependency on God that established churches generally take for granted. There is a sense of community that big churches generally lack. While it may be hard, these are great times!