Friday, September 21, 2018

Hey Fletch … In prepping for a personnel committee meeting next week, the question arose as to the way we cover health insurance for our employees. We currently pay 100% of the employee’s coverage and 60% of the family premium.  This is across the board for everyone. In your dealings with churches, what are you hearing and seeing churches do for their employees with health insurance?

DRF—I can tell that it is budget season for many churches. I’m getting many questions about salary and benefits!

Comparing benefits is a challenge. Churches do not publish a list of all benefits for others to see. My experience is that health insurance costs are all over the map. Some churches pay 100% of employee and families. Others have a set percentage, say 20% of all premiums, that the employee pays. Others have a split formula, such as yours.

You mentioned that you are going to poll churches in your region, let me know what you find.