Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor 1,400

Executive Pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church in Memphis, Tennessee 1,400 in worship Areas of Responsibility Pastoral Ministry Maintain a constant pastoral presence within the body of First Evan. Maintain a limited personal counseling [...]

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Executive Pastor 2,400

Executive Pastor of Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas 2,400 in worship Reports to: Senior Pastor Works with: Elder Board Supervises: Core Vision and Spiritual Resources. Until a minister is found, supervise the area of Outreach. Scope The [...]

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Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod  Purpose To serve the church by coordinating and implementing the program of the church. Working under the direction of the senior pastor to facilitate the vision, develop [...]

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Executive Pastor

Executive Pastor of Richland Bible Church in Richland, Michigan 2,400 in worship Job Summary This pastor is working under the sole direction of the Senior Pastor and in close cooperation with the elder team to [...]

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Executive Pastor 2,400

Executive Pastor of Walnut Ridge Baptist Church in Mansfield, Texas 2,400 in worship Function: Walk close with the Lord, allowing Him to lead you as you lead others. Duties and Responsibilities: Be responsible for the [...]

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Executive Minister 500

Executive Minister at Central Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas 500 in worship Position Summary The Executive Minister will work closely with the Senior Minister in strategic development (implementation of the vision) and overseeing staff. [...]

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Executive Pastor 1,400

Executive Pastor of Ridgecrest Baptist Church in Springfield, Missouri 1,400 in worship Responsible for: Personnel areas Oversees the hiring of all full-time employees* (except senior pastor) (*in conjunction with senior pastor, elders, and appropriate leader-level [...]

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Executive Pastor 500

Executive Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church of Fairfield, Connecticut 500 in worship Purpose The purpose of the Executive Pastor is to lead, manage, and care for Trinity’s staff, oversee the development and strategies of all [...]

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Executive Pastor 8,000

Executive Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Lindenwold, New Jersey 8,000 in worship General Summary To assist the Senior Pastor in the operations, managing and teaching of the church. Reports to Senior Pastor. Primary Function [...]

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Executive Director 1,400

Executive Director of Bethany Community Church in Seattle, Washington 1,400 in worship Purpose The Executive Director will assist the Senior Pastor with the implementation of vision and spiritual direction of Bethany Community Church, so that [...]

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Executive Pastor 1,400

Executive Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas 1,400 in worship Purpose The Executive Pastor will serve as the Chief Operating Officer, implementing and coordinating ministry and mission of the church. The Executive Pastor [...]

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Executive Pastor 1,400

Executive Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Winchester, Virginia 1,400 in worship Position Description The role of the FBC Executive Pastor is to assist the Elders and Senior Pastor in ensuring that the strategic ministry [...]

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Executive Pastor 3,000

Executive Pastor of Irving Bible Church in Irving, Texas 3,000 in worship. Execute the Vision of the Senior Pastor with the Staff Commit to the vision and become creatively involved in its development. Oversee and [...]

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Executive Pastor 500

Executive Pastor of Liberty Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma  500 in worship Leadership Position Agreement Your Position Title: Executive Pastor Your Team: Strategic Leadership Team Your Team Leader: Senior Pastor Your Team that You Will Lead: [...]

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Executive Pastor 500

Executive Pastor of New Life Evangelical Free Church of Watertown, South Dakota 500 in worship Purpose To assist the Senior Pastor with the implementation of his vision and spiritual direction, so that the Senior [...]

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Executive Director of Ministries

Executive Director of Ministries I. Title Executive Director of Ministries (also known as Executive Pastor) II. Reports to Senior Pastor III. Role Operating as an extension of the Senior Pastor, sharing the vision and responsibilities [...]

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Senior Executive Pastor 6,000

Senior Executive Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas  6,000 in worship Job Purpose To assist the Senior Pastor as the Senior Executive Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church. His primary responsibility will be the supervision [...]

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Executive Pastor 1,400

Executive Pastor of Valley Community Baptist Church in Avon, Connecticut,  1,400 in worship Executive Summary In January 1976, a small group of dedicated Christians began to meet for prayer and discussion about starting an evangelical [...]

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Executive Director of Ministries 500

Executive Director of Ministries of Beechwood Church in Holland, Michigan, 500 in worship This position is responsible for: Day-to-day administration, management and operations of the church. Continuing development of a strategic vision process which is [...]

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Executive Pastor 1,400

Executive Pastor of Grace Covenant Church of Austin, Texas, 1,400 in worship General Information Position Title: Executive Pastor Reports to: Senior Pastor Relates closely to: The members of the Elder Board Positions reporting to the [...]

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Executive Pastor 3,500

Executive Pastor--Church of 3,500 Reports to: Senior Pastor (sometimes reports to the governing board) Direct Reports: Strategy Team, Operations Team, HR, Assistant Executive Pastors, Executive Assistant Scope The Senior Pastor is the preaching and directional [...]

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