Senior Pastor

Senior Pastor 1,400

Senior Pastor of Christ Church Evangelical Covenant in East Greenwich, Rhode Island 1,400 in worship General Description The primary role of the Senior Pastor is to give himself to the ministry of the Word and [...]

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Senior Pastor 500

Senior Pastor of Wheatfield Neighborhood Church 500 in worship Preamble The local church staff must always be viewed of as a team, with the whole ministry of the church in view. As such, the person [...]

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Senior Pastor 500

Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Fairfield, Connecticut 500 in worship Purpose The purpose of the Senior Pastor is to cast vision for the church and staff, preach the Gospel message powerfully toward life [...]

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Senior Pastor 1,400

Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Champaign, Illinois 1,400 in worship Principal Job To provide leadership for the whole work of First Church of Champaign, preaching the word of God, teaching the Scriptures, leading [...]

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Senior Pastor 2,400

Senior Pastor of Northwest Bible Church in Dallas, Texas 2,400 in worship Reports to: Chairman of the Elder Board Works with: Executive Pastor and Elder Board Supervises: Associate Ministers to Singles Scope: The Senior [...]

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Senior Pastor 1,400

Senior Pastor of Scofield Memorial Church in Dallas, Texas 1,400 in worship I. Overall Objective The senior pastor of Scofield Memorial Church will fulfill and assimilate the broad and specific vision of Scofield Memorial Church. [...]

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Senior Pastor 6,000

Senior Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church of Frisco, Texas, 6,000 in worship Purpose To lead the church towards the fulfillment of its purpose as taught in Scripture and as stated in its Bylaws and to [...]

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Lead Pastor 11,000

Lead Pastor of Watermark Community Church of Dallas, Texas, over 11,000 in worship Responsible for leading the staff and church body in carrying out purpose and values of the church and to oversee and direct [...]

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Senior Pastor 2,400

Wenatchee Free Methodist Church in Wenatchee, Washington, 2,400 in worship Position Summary A full-time, salaried position that serves as the primary vision-caster, pulpit teacher and overseer of the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church body. The [...]

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