Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Fairfield, Connecticut 500 in worship


The purpose of the Senior Pastor is to cast vision for the church and staff, preach the Gospel message powerfully toward life change, teach biblical Truth, and counsel those in our church family toward greater God First living.


  • Responsible for meeting at least monthly with pastoral team. The Senior Pastor uses this time for intentional leading and coaching the pastors toward the vision set forth annually. Quantifiable goals are utilized in pursuit of real growth.
  • The Senior Pastor is responsible to oversee and lead Trinity’s annual Vision Casting Night. Vision casting night is Trinity’s annual business meeting and presentation of each ministry’s direction for the coming year.
  • Responsible for initiating the annual vision process (as described in Trinity’s Vision/Goals Cycle) and involving the senior staff, elders, ministry staff, and volunteer leaders in this process.
  • He is expected to take a week away in the spring/early summer to dedicate time, prayer, and study toward discerning God’s direction for the coming year. These results will be summarized in writing and presented to the elders and senior staff in a timely fashion for the purpose of generating enthusiasm in pursuit of a common di