Senior Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Fairfield, Connecticut 500 in worship


The purpose of the Senior Pastor is to cast vision for the church and staff, preach the Gospel message powerfully toward life change, teach biblical Truth, and counsel those in our church family toward greater God First living.


  • Responsible for meeting at least monthly with pastoral team. The Senior Pastor uses this time for intentional leading and coaching the pastors toward the vision set forth annually. Quantifiable goals are utilized in pursuit of real growth.
  • The Senior Pastor is responsible to oversee and lead Trinity’s annual Vision Casting Night. Vision casting night is Trinity’s annual business meeting and presentation of each ministry’s direction for the coming year.
  • Responsible for initiating the annual vision process (as described in Trinity’s Vision/Goals Cycle) and involving the senior staff, elders, ministry staff, and volunteer leaders in this process.
  • He is expected to take a week away in the spring/early summer to dedicate time, prayer, and study toward discerning God’s direction for the coming year. These results will be summarized in writing and presented to the elders and senior staff in a timely fashion for the purpose of generating enthusiasm in pursuit of a common direction.
  • Reports to: Elders.
  • Hours: 45 to 48 per week.


  • Collaboration with worship is a value. Meet monthly with Worship Pastor to collaborate upcoming Sunday services. Meet four times a year with worship planning team for collaborative series planning. Six weeks prior to special series, meet with worship pastor to brainstorm what needs to happen.
  • Preaching should support the established vision and goals. A preaching rotation schedule is encouraged to facilitate leadership development.
  • Reports to: Ministry Staff.


  • Reactive (able to “respond”) – 5 hrs/week (Urgent or pressing needs),
  • Proactive (able to “seek out”) – 5 hrs/week (Engaged Couples group, troubles on the horizon).
  • Reports to: Chair of Elder Board.

Additional Responsibilities Include:


  • Invest 4-8 weeks/year in classroom teaching.
  • One to two 4-week classes per year.
  • Outside speaking.
  • Should seek outside opportunities (conferences, workshops).
  • Lead the Discovering Trinity Workshop/Small Group: One in Fall and one in Spring.
  • Co-leading this group with elders/lay leaders is encouraged.
  • Reports to: Executive Pastor.

Mentor Current Elders

  • Focus on developing current elders.
  • Monthly meeting with Elder board with focus on personal growth.
  • Monthly meeting with Elder board with focus on church business.
  • Reports to: Chair of Elder Board.

Personal Development

  • Attend relevant conferences/workshops for the benefit of personal and professional growth. 1/yr.
  • Accountability for prayer life/spiritual health.
  • Planning Leave: one week (June/July).
  • Reports to: Chair of Elder Board.

Purpose Teams

Eventually, the Executive Pastor will oversee all ministries of the church. Until this transition is complete, the Executive Pastor will provide direct oversight to the Maturity, Community, and Ministry Teams. The Senior Pastor will maintain his oversight of Evangelism/Missions and the Support Teams (presently Finance and Operations). Decisions that impact the day-to-day running of the church or the other ministries of the church will be discussed with the Executive Pastor in advance. This process will be evaluated by the Elders and Executive Pastor every six months.

  • The overseeing pastor of a purpose team is responsible to regularly attend team meetings, meet at least monthly with the chairperson of that team, be available as a resource to keep the team focused, encouraged and accountable. The overseeing pastor is also intently focused on shepherding his team toward the successful implementation of their stated goals and vision.
  • Understanding that the Executive Pastor is responsible for ministry oversight, the Senior Pastor will clearly communicate with the XP the issues, progress and needs of his respective ministry/purpose teams. Together, they will decide if the proposed plans are consistent with the established goals of the church. The Executive Pastor may delegate and assign projects as needed.
    Reports to: Executive Pastor.

Staff Management

  • The Senior Pastor is available for the spiritual guidance and support of TBC staff.
  • Staff management and staff decisions are directed to the Executive Pastor as the “manager” who may delegate and assign projects as needed.
  • Connection with the staff team is essential and opportunities for intentional engagement are expected.
  • The Senior Pastor is expected to participate in staff devotions and staff meetings. Providing access through regular office hours is expected.
  • The Elders, in conjunction with the Senior Pastor, will evaluate the Executive Pastor semi-annually.
  • Reports to: Executive Pastor.

The Elders, in conjunction with the Executive Pastor, will evaluate the Teaching Pastor semi-annually. The Ministry Staff will participate in annual evaluations of the Senior Pastor according to the stated goals.