Wenatchee Free Methodist Church in Wenatchee, Washington, 2,400 in worship

Position Summary

A full-time, salaried position that serves as the primary vision-caster, pulpit teacher and overseer of the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church body. The Senior Pastor serves as an Ex-Officio member on all committees and the Leadership Council and generally serves as its Chairperson. The Senior Pastor serves under the appointment of the Pacific Northwest Conference of the Free Methodist Church.

General Responsibilities

The Senior Pastor models a life dedicated to the Word, prayer, Christ-like character and family; insures the church and staff intentionally pursue WFMC’s values, mission, vision and thumbprint; communicates the vision of the church on a regular basis; mentors and oversees the Executive Administrator and the Senior Pastor’s Administrative Assistant; deliberately focuses on multiplying biblical leaders; and involves the WFMC in appropriate, broader Wenatchee Valley concerns. The Senior Pastor also reports monthly to the Leadership Council regarding the church’s progress toward fulfilling its mission and vision.

Specific Responsibilities

A. Spiritual/Personal Life 

  • Consistent spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer and fasting.
  • Regular accountability to spouse and an accountability partner/team.
  • Intentional pursuit of moral and ethical purity.
  • High priority placed on spouse and children.

B. WFMC’s Values, Mission, Vision and Thumbprint 

  • Consistently communicate vision with staff, Leadership Council, lay leaders and congregation.
  • Regularly evaluate ministries in light of values, mission, vision and thumbprint.
  • Oversee the development of action plans to aggressively pursue values, mission, vision and thumbprint.

C. Mentor and Oversee the Administrative Assistant of the Senior Pastor’s Department

  • Partner with the Administrative Assistant.
  • Clearly communicate the vision of the Senior Pastor’s department.
  • Invest time, skills and training in the Administrative Assistant.
  • Delegate clerical, administrative tasks and research to the Administrative Assistant.
  • Perform annual review.

D. Mentor and Oversee the Executive Administrator

  • Partner with the Executive Administrator.
  • Meet weekly to communicate current and long-term goals and delegate action plans and tasks to Executive Administrator.
  • Invest time, skills and training in the Executive Administrator.
  • Assign special projects and follow-up items to Executive Administrator.
  • Utilize the Executive Administrator to handle the day-to-day functions and communication responsibilities for the purpose of freeing up the Senior Pastor.
  • Delegate the oversight of church staff excluding the Senior Pastor’s Administrative Assistant to the Executive Administrator.
  • Perform annual review.

E. Interface with Ministry Staff

  • Monthly meeting for prayer, communication of vision and ministry updates.
  • Available for personnel interaction with Equipping Staff as needed without interference in oversight responsibilities.

F. Multiplication of Biblical Leaders

  • Model leadership development by leading a reproductive small group and leading an L-Team of small group leaders.
  • Evaluate Equipping Staff, through the Executive Administrator, on lay leadership development.
  • Lead WFMC in transition to become a cell-celebration church.
  • Establish goals to make lay leaders and leaders-in-training the primary means of evaluating church health.

G. Involve WFMC in the Wenatchee Valley and Beyond

  • Work interdependently with other life giving pastors and churches to fulfill the Great Commission.
  • Serve in community leadership roles as opportunities arise.
  • Utilize gifts and graces to assist the Pacific Northwest Conference.


  1. Leads a life of biblical obedience and example both on and off campus and demonstrates a commitment to the mission, vision and strategy of the church.
  2. Membership in the Pacific Northwest Conference. Local church membership of spouse (if married).
  3. A spirit of service and a commitment to the Great Commission.
  4. Financial commitment to the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church as evidenced in storehouse tithing and giving.
  5. Adherence to the policies as defined in the WFMC Operating and Personnel Policy Manuals and to the Membership Covenant as established by the Free Methodist Church of North America.
  6. Member of a Life Group.

Minimum Qualifications

The successful candidate should have a Masters of Divinity Degree and should have credentials of ordination in the Free Methodist Church, or the equivalent, and at least ten years of pastoral ministry experience.


The salary range is negotiable depending upon qualifications. Health insurance, benefits and expenses are provided as defined in the Wenatchee Free Methodist Church Policy Manual.

I have reviewed and agree to perform the duties outlined in this ministry description.


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