Senior Pastor of Christ Church Evangelical Covenant in East Greenwich, Rhode Island 1,400 in worship

General Description

The primary role of the Senior Pastor is to give himself to the ministry of the Word and prayer, seeking to walk uprightly before the Lord in his personal life while seeking the mind of God on behalf of the congregation. He will lead and teach the congregation according to the Word, holding true to Christ Church’s vision and core values while preparing for its future. This takes constant effort through prayer, scriptural study, professional growth, education, training and personal interaction with the congregation.

Worship and Teaching 

  • Ensures that overall weekly worship services are effective and on target regarding content, style, structure, timing and design.
  • Accountable for the completeness and the quality of worship services for the church, managing the Worship Arts Director for the planning and leading of those services.
  • Meets regularly with Worship Arts Director to critique prior worship services and to plan/agree on future worship services regarding music selection, transitions, drama, technical needs, etc.
  • Develops a preaching schedule and teaching methods that inspire and challenge spiritual growth of the congregation with the capacity to make the gospel understandable to visitors.
  • Accountable for the completeness and the quality of special worship services such as Christmas, Easter, WorldFest, Children’s/Youth Sundays, and other special programs.


  • Develop, train, disciple and equip leaders for ministry through teaching, personal modeling, mentoring, and program development and implementation.
  • Provide spiritual leadership to the staff and be responsible for working with the executive pastor to coordinate staff meetings.
  • As an Elder of Christ Church, maintains a very close liaison with fellow Elders, meeting with them regularly on a formal and informal basis.
  • Provide spiritual leadership to the Elders and be accountable, with the chairman and executive pastor for coordination of Elder and annual congregational meetings.
  • Together with the Elders, he will dream and be visionary about the church’s growth and direction, and have primary accountability for casting the vision to the congregation.
  • Recommends and implements, with the approval of the Council of Elders, actions that fulfill the vision and mission of Christ Church.

Other Related Responsibilities 

Maintains a pastoral ministry in the following areas:

  • Hospital calls.
  • Emergency and crisis situations.
  • Conducts weddings and funeral services, performs baby dedications and baptisms.
  • Provides pastoral counseling to those in spiritual need, assists persons facing problems or decisions, and comforts the bereaved.

Keep abreast of current trends in the ministry through reading, seminars, conferences and networking, with responsibility for formal communication of those trends to church leadership.

Responsible for personal spiritual renewal; scheduling regular retreats for spiritual reflection, study and prayer for vision and direction.

Reporting Relationships 

Immediate Supervisor: Elders

Supervises (Staff):

  • Director of Worship Arts
  • Sanctuary Coordinator: Provides oversight to the worship and teaching aspects of the Sunday night Sanctuary services.

Partners with:

  • Support staff
  • Director and pastoral team
  • Deacons and Elders