Senior Pastor of First Presbyterian Church of Champaign, Illinois 1,400 in worship

Principal Job

To provide leadership for the whole work of First Church of Champaign, preaching the word of God, teaching the Scriptures, leading the development of ministries, providing pastoral care, and overseeing administrative functions.


Advanced educational degree and prior experience in a church large enough to require staff work or as an assistant taking part in staff work at a large church. Must be an excellent preacher, an excellent communicator and have strong leadership and administrative skills.

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Plan the weekly worship services and preach scripturally-based sermons.
  2. Provide spiritual leadership, outreach leadership and inspiration for the church family.
  3. Provide leadership in planning for the future well-being of the congregation.
  4. Lead in administration of the sacraments.
  5. Conduct weddings, funerals, baptisms.
  6. Provide counseling.
  7. Lead teaching programs, including Confirmation Class.
  8. Guide and support First Church policies.
  9. Maintain a presence at all levels of church activities, including Presbytery.
  10. Provide leadership for staff