Senior Executive Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, Texas  6,000 in worship

Job Purpose

To assist the Senior Pastor as the Senior Executive Pastor of Stonebriar Community Church. His primary responsibility will be the supervision of the senior staff and oversight of the ministries of the Church so that the Senior Pastor can continue his main responsibility of the “teaching and preaching of God’s Word.”

The Senior Executive Pastor’s task will be to assist, not replace, the Senior Pastor in these areas. The desired end would be to increase the Senior Pastor’s actual time with the senior staff for the purpose of relationship, vision and ministry, yet decrease his actual time and involvement in the preparation and continuity of these responsibilities.

Mission Statement

To provide leadership as Senior Executive Pastor for Stonebriar Community Church, grounded in the authority and power of the Scriptures, and revealed under the power of God the Holy Spirit, that meets the spiritual needs of the staff and the members of Stonebriar Community Church through sound biblical teaching, encouragement, mentoring, discipline, nurturing, and protecting in accordance with its Ministry Values and Core Values.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Coordination of Church Ministries and Objectives
    • Work with the other pastors to coordinate and carry out the ministry of the church.
    • Implement the direction and plans that originate in the Board of Elders.
    • Maintain daily contact with the Senior Pastor.
    • Attend the weekly, extended sessions with the pastors and Senior Pastor.
    • Accomplish the appropriate matters through areas of church ministry overseen by the pastors.
    • Meet weekly with the ministries to see that plans stay on target through completion.
    • Oversee long-range strategic plan for the ministry.
  2. Administration of Primary Churchwide Functions
    • Assist the Senior Pastor in the administration of details concerned with worship services; publication of the newsletter, ongoing operation of the senior staff, e.g., staff meetings, staff communication, staff retreats, staff events, new staff recruitment and hiring.
    • Act as a coordinator and work behind the scenes in preparation and follow-through to ensure the personal participation of the Senior Pastor to the fullest extent possible.
    • Assist the Senior Pastor in the implementation of specific directives from the Board of Elders to him or his staff.
  3. Specific Pastoral Oversight: Oversee several specific areas of church ministry:
    • Membership
    • Elder liaison to Diaconate
    • Church Communication Services
    • Churchwide Family Conferences
    • Pastoral Internship Program
    • Ordinances
  4. General Pastoral Responsibilities
    • Assist regularly in weekly and seasonal worship gatherings.
    • Conduct weddings and funerals.
    • Preach on occasion in the absence of the Senior Pastor.
    • Teach, as arranged, in an adult fellowship.
    • Participate in the work of Stonebriar Community Church.
    • Mentor Executive Team.
  5. Organizational Relationships
    • Work closely with the Senior Pastor, maintaining accountability through written reports and regular personal consultations with the Senior Pastor, and through pastoral and general senior staff meetings.
    • Serve on the Board of Elders as a voting member.
    • Serve as coordinator of the other pastors.
    • Oversee the work of the paid and volunteer staff reporting directly to him.
    • In the absence of the Senior Pastor, represent that position among the staff, moderating staff meetings and being responsible for the oversight of the ministry of the church during those occasions.

Team Member Contribution

Actively contributes to the improvement of the ministry of Stonebriar Community Church and provides prayerful support.

  • Teamwork: Functions well with co-workers, treating them with honor and grace.
  • Spiritual Encouragement: Encourages spiritual focus and commitment by modeling the Core Values of Stonebriar Community Church.
  • Improvement of Ministry Operations: Contributes toward the improvement of the ministry as a whole.


  • Diligently seeks a vital and growing personal relationship with the Lord. He will be a student of the Scriptures and a man of prayer. In this way, he will keep watch over himself and over the flock (Acts 20:28) and pay close attention to himself as well as his doctrine (1 Tim. 4:16). Under God’s strong hand He will seek to manage his own household well (1 Tim. 3:4,5) by loving his wife as Christ loved the church (Eph. 5:25) and by bringing his children up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord (Eph. 6:4). In all areas of life and witness he will seek to shepherd the people of Stonebriar Community Church by being an example to the flock (1 Pet. 5:3).
  • Is an ordained minister of the gospel.
  • Meets the qualifications of an elder as outlined in Scripture (1 Tim. 3 and Titus 1).
  • Has experience in, and zeal for, the work of pastoral ministry.
  • Is able to work on a team toward specific goals in a mutually edifying and supportive manner.
  • Maintains a teachable and open attitude.
  • Is willing to mentor an intern in cooperation with the Director of the Intern Program.
  • Has a commitment to the Statement of Faith, Ministry Values and Core Values as stated in the Bylaws of Stonebriar Community Church.
  • Participates in the general pastoral care of Stonebriar Community Church.
  • Will become a member of Stonebriar Community Church as soon as practicable after joining the staff.

Used by permission