Pastor of Ministry Development of Olathe Bible Church in Olathe, Kansas 2,400 in worship

Position Focus Sheet

I am a Team Participant on: Multi-Site Leadership Team

The Team Leader I Report to: Rex Bonar

I am the Team Leader for: Olathe Core Value Team

The Team Members Who Report to Me: Dan Smith, John Blackburn, Rod Janzen, Mike Anderson

Overall Position Description

The Pastor of Ministry Development assists the Elders and Lead Pastor in overseeing the life and direction of the church. He maintains a firm grasp on the purpose, vision, values, and strategic initiatives of the church, ensuring that our staff and leadership teams are properly aligned with our direction. He ensures that our goals, systems, practices, and policies responsibly, strategically, and effectively support ministry initiatives.

Key Focus: Staff Supervision and Leadership Development

  • Serve the Lead Pastor and Elders as chief of staff and personnel director for paid pastoral and ministry staff. Lead, evaluate, and monitor existing staff and help the Elders prioritize future staff.
  • Continue to transition the staff to our Core Value-based fractal structure, fine-tuning as needed.
  • Assist the Elders in transitioning to a function-based fractal structure, fine-tuning as needed.
  • Oversee the training and professional development for the pastoral staff.
  • Provide leadership to the pastoral staff in ministry design, evaluation, and implementation.
  • Coordinate and lead the Core Value Team members and oversee all weekly activities designed to clarify and execute OBC goals and objectives.
  • Maintain efficient and effective lines of communication between the staff and Elders.
  • Oversee the hiring/dismissal process for staff with consultation and guidance from the Elders.
  • Offer on-going informal performance feedback to the staff as needed.

Key Focus: Strategic Planning and Ministry Plan Deployment

  • Take responsibility for strategic planning and staff coordination in executing the purpose, vision, and values of the church. Help define strategic goals and vision as a key leader among staff and Elders. Provide catalyzing challenges that encourage our leadership to remain true to our vision. Help develop new ministries that are responsive to identified needs and opportunities for church growth.
  • Lead the strategic planning process, ensuring that vision implementation and goal setting champion the purpose, vision, and values of OBC.
  • Serve as a staff liaison to the Board of Elders.
  • Ensure that staff, facilities, policies, procedures and programs are appropriately and effectively aligned to meet our strategic goals.

Key Focus: Teaching, Preaching and Communication of Vision

  • Contribute to the preaching rotation as requested by the Lead Pastor; teach at Men’s Fraternity; contribute to teaching at other OBC ministries as deemed strategically warranted.
  • Other pastoral duties as requested by the Lead Pastor and/or the Board of Elders.

New Initiatives for 2004-2005

  • Work with the Lead Pastor and Elders on designing and developing a leadership training program to raise up the next generation of leaders for OBC’s ministries and campuses.
  • Work with a Personnel Committee on creating procedures for staff performance evaluations and a schedule for determining salary and compensation changes.
  • Work with the Elders on creating a way to monitor the pulse of the congregation through research and evaluation.
  • Discover and utilize a leadership diagnostic tool that will help our staff work strategically out of their strengths and giftedness.
  • Work with the Lead Pastor, Gardner Campus Pastor, and the Elders to clarify and define our multisite philosophy of ministry.

Personal Growth Initiatives for 2004-2005

  • Continue to disciple men using the Ironman curriculum, seeking to develop a core of men able to disciple and reproduce disciple-makers for the world.
  • Aggressively work on finishing my doctoral project on a model of shepherding leadership for Elders.
  • Create an ongoing network with other executive pastors for support, creativity, and encouragement.
  • Take a continuing education class or attend a conference that will enhance my leadership skills and deepen my theological convictions.

Used by permission.