Executive Pastor of Bethany Baptist Church in Lindenwold, New Jersey 8,000 in worship

General Summary

To assist the Senior Pastor in the operations, managing and teaching of the church. Reports to Senior Pastor.

Primary Function #1—Ministry Management

Supporting Goals

Oversee and manage the ministry branch of the church. Departments include Youth, Volunteer, Family, Outreach, Evangelism, Education, Hope and Entrepreneurial Business. Administer the work of the department by encouraging teamwork, mutual support while providing leadership when necessary and nurturing staff members who work in the branch.

Results Standards

The function of Ministry Management will have been satisfactorily achieved when the following conditions exist: Departments and ministries are thriving and fulfilling the mission of the church. Enhanced harmony and unity amongst managers to fulfill one common goal. Departments and ministries are all self-sufficient and those who can be a profit center become one. An outreach component is implemented in each department to impact the community.

Primary Function #2—Leadership Development

Supporting goals

Develop an effective development