Executive Pastor of New Life Evangelical Free Church of Watertown, South Dakota 500 in worship


To assist the Senior Pastor with the implementation of his vision and spiritual direction, so that the Senior Pastor can continue his main responsibility of “teaching and preaching of God’s Word.” The desired end would be to increase the Senior Pastor’s time with the staff for the purpose of relationships, vision and ministry, yet decrease his actual time and involvement in the implementation of the vision. Reports to the Senior Pastor.

Execute the vision of the Senior Pastor throughout the church leadership structure.

  • Meet regularly with the Senior Pastor for discipleship, prayer and planning.
  • Attend the Elder Meetings to bring updates and input for the church’s progress.
  • Commit to the vision and become creatively involved in its development.
  • Set goals and evaluate our effectiveness in the five purposes of the church.
  • Develop the leadership structure of the church and oversee its efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Commit to excellence in all aspects of the ministry.
  • Commit to mobilizing and coaching, so that the ministry remains in the hands of the people (Eph. 4:12).
  • Lead the Equipping Staff and Support Staff
    • Set and track specific, measurable goals to insure that the vision is being achieved.
    • Equip them for leading their Ministry Team meetings.
    • While the Senior Pastor builds relationship, mentors and presents vision in the Equipping Staff meetings, the Executive Pastor creates the agenda and leads the remainder of the meeting to implement the vision.
    • Oversee the budget development, budget adherence and cash flow with the Treasurer.
  • Streamline job descriptions, communication and authority paths that maximize personal creativity, strengths, efficiency and effectiveness, while minimizing bureaucracy.
  • Oversee the launching of new ministries that the Lord raises up, that they are consistent with the church’s vision, values and purposes.
  • Direct the hiring of staff and also the formal procedure in dismissing or repositioning of staff.
  • Handle personnel conflicts and troubleshoot program and ministry challenges.
  • Establish church policies and procedures that effectively facilitate the vision.

Lead the Adult Ministries Team

  • Schedule and lead the Adult Ministries Team meetings, to equip, guide and encourage the leaders.
  • Develop a streamlined, coordinated strategy for ministry for the Adult Ministries—based on the church’s vision, values and purposes.
  • Guide the Adult Ministry Team in setting and tracking specific, measurable goals to insure that the vision and purposes are being achieved.

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