Executive Pastor of Liberty Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma  500 in worship

Leadership Position Agreement

Your Position Title: Executive Pastor

Your Team: Strategic Leadership Team

Your Team Leader: Senior Pastor

Your Team that You Will Lead: Strategic Leadership Team

Purpose of Your Position

As the Executive Pastor, you will provide the vision and leadership necessary for the development of the strategic ministry that accomplishes the vision of Liberty Church. This is to be accomplished primarily by seeking God’s vision for the team, casting this vision to them, and leading them to accomplish this vision.

Purpose of the Strategic Leadership Team

To provide the day-to-day leadership needed to accomplish the vision and mission of Liberty Church.

Team Purpose of Each of Your Team Members

Outreach: To create many opportunities for people to hear and respond daily to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Worship Arts: To build a community of artists who unleash the arts to create transformational moments.

Spiritual Formation: To provide ministries that help all people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and train them to be like Him.

Operations: To provide infrastructure and administration of resources that enables and facilitates the ministries of our church.

Your Core Responsibilities

  • Lead the Strategic Leadership Team to accomplish vision and to “do life together”
  • Lead by demonstrating Servant Leader Values
  • Lead in the development of the church’s Core Values
  • Lead in alignment of all ministries with the church’s vision
  • Lead by building the Strategic Leadership Team and its members

Your Position Specific Responsibilities

To Execute Tactical Responsibilities

  1. As a Strategic Leadership Team Leader
    • Provide for the ministry needs of each member of the Strategic Leadership Team.
    • Develop and support the vision of each team member.
    • Lead the team to work together to accomplish the ministry of Liberty Church.
    • Provide regular team meetings that practice the presence of God, practice the presence of each other, and do the work of the ministry.
  2. Leadership
    • Provide leadership to the organization for the fulfillment of its mission.
    • Provide training and development for all leaders of the church.
    • Provide personal mentoring when needed to leaders.
    • Make all ministry and operational decisions as needed.
    • Foster an environment that consistently produces ministry teams that accomplish the mission of the church.
    • Consistently provide vision for the development of the organization.
  3. Finances
    • Develop a spending budget that is directly tied to the vision of the church and your area of ministry.
    • Be accountable for all spending for the Strategic Leadership Team and their teams.
  4. Success
    • Develop a working definition/criterion of success for the Strategic Leadership Team and its members.
    • Regularly lead teams to measure and evaluate all activities of the ministry.
  5. Leadership of Team Members
    • Consistently develop each team member.
    • Provide regular team opportunities to “do life together.”
    • Provide resources for the success of each team member.
    • Oversee consistent research needed to develop the ministry of strategic leadership.
  6. Miscellaneous
    • Attend all Elders meetings providing communication between Elders and leaders.
    • Meet weekly with the Senior Pastor for direction and prayer.
    • Be available to minister to others as needed throughout the congregation.
    • Preach and teach regularly.

Servant-Leader Values

Core Values that should be a part of a Servant-Leader’s life:

Value 1: Lead a spiritually surrendered life. Bring the gift of a self that is fully yielded to the Holy Spirit. Approach your work and your life with Spirit-controlled hearts. (1 Tim. 4:7b; Rom. 12:1-2)

Value 2: Model a whole life commitment to the church’s values and strategy. Live the life you’re inviting others to live. Pursue full devotion to Christ and do the work of an evangelist. (1 Cor. 11:2; 2 Tim. 4:5)

Value 3: Maintain an infectious, optimistic, and enthusiastic attitude. Ask people with whom you work, “What can I do to help you?” Be a team player who has the best interest of the team at heart. (1 Thes. 5:11; Eph. 4:29)

Value 4: Engage co-workers in honest communication. Do not allow things to go underground. Conflict resolution and meaningful communication must take place in an environment of openness, truth telling in love and sensitivity. (Eph. 4:25)

Value 5: Approach your work with intensity. Maintain a fervent and dedicated spirit that perseveres in difficulty. Put your hand to the plow and don’t look back! Do all you can do heartily and serve the Lord with determination. (Col. 3:23-24)

Value 6: Honor and value volunteers. Motivate and encourage volunteers around you by giving them words of encouragement and appreciation. Write the note, make the call, give the gift that says “You and your ministry matter to God.” (1 Pet. 2:17)

Value 7: Keep an eternal perspective. Don’t lose the big picture and God’s ultimate desire and plan for your life and ministry. Remember why you are in this. (1 Cor. 15:58)

Value 8: Pray! Pray! Pray! Pray for God’s supernatural intervention in the life of this church, your family, your ministry and your personal walk with Jesus. Humble yourself before God and expect Him to do great things as you seek to serve Him with all your might. (1 Thes. 5:17; 1 Pet. 5:6-7)

Common Church-Wide Core Value Responsibilities

To Preserve the Church’s Core Values

Church-Wide Core Values that should be a part of a Servant-Leader’s role:

Value 1: We believe that the anointed teaching of God’s Word is the primary catalyst for transformation in each person’s life and in the church.

Value 2: We believe that loving relationships should permeate every aspect of church life.

Value 3: We believe that lost people matter to God and, therefore, must matter to the church.

Value 4: We believe that the best environment for making fully devoted followers of Christ is the small group.

Value 5: We believe that participation in anointed worship is a necessary response to a loving God.

Value 6: We believe that the church should remain doctrinally pure while being culturally relevant.

Common Church-Wide Alignment Responsibilities

To achieve the church’s goals to help everyone to become aligned.

  • Develop and pursue semi-annual ministry plan meeting goals.
  • Develop or modify Position Agreements each year and review the self evaluations of each team member once each quarter.
  • Develop processes, skills, and disciplines through all layers of quadrants, starting at your team and going out, ensuring that ministry procedures are tied to the vision of the church and that the efforts of volunteers are focused, effective, and consistent.
  • Reinforce church core values by ensuring that all meetings are transformed into vision-casting events that encourage alignment behind the mission, vision, values, and strategic objectives of the church.
  • Fully utilize Ministry Facilitators to help you in every way possible to do the work of alignment.

Common Church-Wide Team-Building Responsibilities

To Create a Sense of Direction and Community

  1. Team Leadership
    • Help instill the Programming/Ministry Arts vision
    • Developing Special Project Action Plans
    • Develop annual Ministry Specific Objectives
    • One-on-one meetings and huddles with the team
    • Complete other duties as assigned by the Strategic Leadership Team Leader
  2. Team Management Processes
    • Manage and report information
    • Manage finances and expenses
  3. Facilities
    • Care for your workspace
    • Care for shared workspace
    • Care for buildings and campus
    • Utilize the Campus Administration Team for building and grounds improvements
  4. Team Building
    • Support your team in developing ministry specific goals and objectives.
    • Schedule, plan, and hold regular team meetings to evaluate your team’s ministry needs and facilitate solutions.
    • Hold regular team fellowships for community and encouragement which can be concurrent with regular team meetings.
    • Provide leadership and methods to evaluate all ministry efforts of your team.
    • Disseminate information and direction obtained from the team you are on as a member to the team that you are the leader. Communication helps build excitement and enthusiasm for what God is doing in the church.
    • Regularly and passionately communicate the vision and values of Liberty Church.
    • Regularly and passionately communicate the purpose of your team.
    • Recruit team members to complete your team and train them to be leaders.
    • Conduct regular one-on-one encouragement and community sessions with team members.
    • Encourage the development of leadership skills in your team members if they are also leaders of other teams.
    • Determine and recommend training for overall skills, starting with self and throughout all layers.
    • Provide direction in developing critical success factors.
    • Help your team to understand the different roles and functions of servant-leaders church-wide (e.g. Campus Administrator is the point person for dealing with any physical aspect of Liberty Church—grounds, campus, buildings, etc.).
    • Revisit the purpose statement of your team from time to time to see if it needs to be revised.

Signing on behalf of this position and agreeing to accept all its accountabilities is:

____________________________________ Date: ____/____/____

Signing on behalf of this position’s team leader and agreeing to accept all its accountabilities and committing to provide support and prayer:

____________________________________ Date: ____/____/____