Executive Pastor of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod


To serve the church by coordinating and implementing the program of the church. Working under the direction of the senior pastor to facilitate the vision, develop new programs in keeping with established goals, maximize the effectiveness of present programs, give leadership to program staff members and supervise staff members and volunteers involved in this ministry.

Primary Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Meet regularly with the senior pastor to clarify vision, goals and strategy.
  2. Evaluate the evolving needs of the congregation and work to strengthen the present program in keeping with those needs.
  3. Supervise the work of program staff members, meeting regularly with and providing leadership to them in areas of individual goal-setting and accountability. Receive quarterly goal statements and evaluations from staff members for the purpose of review and discussion.
  4. Facilitate the development of programs through staff members, committees and boards of the church.
  5. Build solid staff relations by:
    • Developing written personnel policies and procedures
    • Developing job descriptions
    • Participating in hiring of departmental or program staff members
    • Evaluating staffing structure and proposing adjustments as the need arises
    • Conducting annual performance evaluations, and reviewing the calls and compensation of professional staff members
    • Working to resolve conflict
  6. Work under the direction of the senior pastor, taking primary responsibility for the preparation and policy management of the church budget, in consultation with appropriate staff members and/or committees.
  7. Supervise development and maintenance of the master program/facilities calendar of the church.
  8. Supervise the communication of the program of the church to the congregation by:
    • Overseeing preparation of weekly bulletins
    • Overseeing production of newsletters
    • Writing press releases
  9. Administer the work of program staff members by encouraging teamwork and mutual support and providing leadership and nurture to all staff members.
  10. Establish departmental goals and objectives by prioritizing related programs, managing the use of facilities, planning an appropriate budget, delegating tasks and evaluating progress regularly.
  11. Work closely with the senior pastor in leading staff meetings and retreats.
  12. Work with appropriate committees, officers and leaders to carry out the mission and ministry of the church.
  13. Participate in the selection of church officers and provide officer training.
  14. Attend board meetings as a resource and for informational purposes and moderating in the absence of the senior pastor.
  15. Assist in worship and preach at the request of the senior pastor. Teach in the education program of the church, as requested.
  16. Conduct weddings and funerals, providing appropriate preparation and support.
  17. Represent the church to the press and media.
  18. Represent the church by serving at denominational levels, and in community and civic organizations, and coordinate staff involvement in the same.
  19. Cooperate with the __________ by performing any other duties when asked to do so.

Used by written permission.