Executive Pastor of the First Evangelical Free Church in Memphis, Tennessee 1,400 in worship

Areas of Responsibility

Pastoral Ministry

  1. Maintain a constant pastoral presence within the body of First Evan.
  2. Maintain a limited personal counseling load.
  3. Perform weddings, funerals and baptisms, as needed.
  4. Represent the Senior Pastor in his absence.
  5. Shepherd young marrieds.
  6. Catalyze the design and development of new ministries.


Business Office

  1. Oversee Business Administrator.
  2. Assist in budget and expenditure planning and oversight.
  3. Assist in resolution of personnel issues of support staff.

Oversee Pastoral Staff

  1. Assist in strategic development and design of their ministry areas.
  2. Assist in professional development of ministry staff: Evaluations and oversee use of education/seminar lines.
  3. Oversee resolution of personnel issues with pastoral staff.

All-Staff Management

  1. Work toward cohesion between support and ministry staff.
  2. Assist the Senior Pastor to oversee fellowship and team development of church staff.
  3. Maintain pastoral care to staff members.

Ministry Management

  1. Execute and facilitate the directives of the Senior Pastor.
  2. Ensure equity and cohesion between various ministries.
  3. Assist various ministries in maintaining visibility within the church.
  4. Monitor and maintain ministry focus toward church purpose statement and general goals and values of First Evan.

Serve on

  • Kitchen Cabinet
  • Personnel Committee
  • Budget Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • Session (non-voting)