Executive Pastor of Grace Presbyterian Church in Houston, Texas 1,400 in worship


The Executive Pastor will serve as the Chief Operating Officer, implementing and coordinating ministry and mission of the church. The Executive Pastor will serve to coordinate the ministries of ordained, program and support staff.

This person is to function in relationship to the Pastor in such a way as to relieve the Pastor of as much of the administrative detail as possible, freeing the Pastor for the tasks of study, teaching, preaching and denominational and ecumenical service to which the Pastor feels called. The Pastor will provide the overall vision and direction for the church, but the Executive Pastor will be the operational executive on the day-to-day detail work of the congregation.


The Executive Pastor reports to the Pastor.


Program/Ministry Administration

  1. With the Pastor and the Planning and Research Committee, the Executive Pastor will clarify goals, objectives, strategies and implementation procedures for all ministries.
  2. Serve as staff resource to pastoral and other search committees, Planning and Research Committee, Church Officer Nominating Committee, Property Committee, and with the Pastor, the Professional Staff Committee.
  3. Provide organizational leadership for Full Staff Meetings: set schedules, develop agenda and moderate meetings.
  4. Provide leadership in the scheduling, planning and ensuring leadership for staff and church officer retreats.
  5. Develop curriculum and provide leadership for the annual Church Office Training program.
  6. Initiate and supervise the effective development of new ministries, providing resources to the leadership involved.
  7. Accept additional responsibilities as needs indicate, with primary response to direction from the Pastor.

Human Resource Administration

  1. The Executive Pastor will assist ordained and program staff in developing both individual and corporate goals and objectives for their ministries, creating processes for evaluation and procedures for accountability.
  2. Serve as designated Privacy Officer responsible for ensuring the benefit programs are in compliance with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) by ensuring that Private Healthcare Information (PHI) is safeguarded and that HIPAA-created rights are provided.
  3. Assist support staff in developing individual and corporate objectives for their work, creating processes for evaluation and procedures for accountability.
  4. With the Pastor and Professional Staff Committee, update and keep current all staff position descriptions for all professional positions and propose new professional staff as needs demand.
  5. With the Professional Staff Committee, develop, administer and monitor the Performance Management Program for all employees and monitor appropriate follow-up.
  6. In consultation with the Pastor, Church Business Administrator and Stewardship Committee, make recommendations for annual compensation, employee benefits package, and for pastors, terms of call.
  7. Resolve staff conflicts as a listener, negotiator, and arbitrator for conflict management.
  8. With the Professional Staff Committee establish and keep current an Employee Manual that clearly rehearses policies and procedures for all employees.
  9. Approve and maintain records of vacation, continuing education and approved leave time for ordained and professional staff.
  10. Coordinate and ensure administration of pre-employment background checks for all employees.


  1. Have primary pastoral oversight over the traditional Sunday worship service held in the Chapel.
  2. Assist in worship leadership.
  3. Lead and plan special worship experiences such as weddings, funerals and memorial services, as invited and need necessitates.
  4. Preach at the invitation of the Pastor.


  1. Provide personal counseling as needed.
  2. Provide general pastoral care for exceptional circumstances.


  1. Teach as opportunities are available and time permits.
  2. Represent the Pastor at leadership training events.