Executive Pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Winchester, Virginia 1,400 in worship

Position Description

The role of the FBC Executive Pastor is to assist the Elders and Senior Pastor in ensuring that the strategic ministry objectives of the church are effectively and efficiently attained. As Chief of Staff, the FBC Executive Pastor supports and supervises the full time pastoral staff and ministry directors, assisting them and being a resource to them in order that the ministry objectives informed upon them by the Holy Spirit may be accomplished in the most God-honoring way for the betterment of the local church body. The Executive Pastor reports to the Senior Pastor, working closely with him and with the Elder Board. The Executive Pastor will lead in aligning staff and leadership teams with the FBC mission objectives established by the Elder Board. The Executive Pastor will ensure that the systems, practices, activities and policies of the church responsibly and effectively carry out those objectives and other principles established by the Elder Board. This requires a firm understanding of, and agreement with, the FBC mission statement, core values and strategic objectives.

The Executive Pastor will operate in five key areas:

1. Strategic Planning and Leadership (25%)</