Executive Pastor of Valley Community Baptist Church in Avon, Connecticut,  1,400 in worship

Executive Summary

In January 1976, a small group of dedicated Christians began to meet for prayer and discussion about starting an evangelical church in the Farmington Valley, a suburb of Hartford, Connecticut. After five weeks of prayer, it was clear the Lord was leading them in this new venture, and they decided to start Valley Community Baptist Church (VCBC). Currently four weekend services are held with an average total attendance of 1,700 people.

VCBC is a congregationally governed church with the Senior Pastor and Elder Board leading the process. The Senior Pastor is the primary visionary or vision caster, preacher, and spiritual leader of the congregation and the ministry staff.

The Executive Pastor,  a new position at VCBC, reports to the Senior Pastor. The role of the XP is to lead in the implementation of the vision and mission of the church under the direction of the Senior Pastor. The XP must be a “servant leader” who focuses on implementation, management, and the details of being an effective and efficient church.

The Executive Pastor will provide oversight for all ministries of the church, thereby freeing up the Senior Pastor to pursue his calling and passion of preaching, teaching and providing shepherding leadership to the congregation and ministry leaders. The XP will have demanding responsibilities in the areas of Management/Leadership, Administrative and Human Resource Development, including significant involvement with the Elders and Elder Committees (Finance, Personnel, Audit). Positions reporting to the Executive Pastor will be the Ministry Division Leaders that currently include Church Administration, Adult Ministries, Student Ministries, Children & Families, Care & Counseling, World Outreach, and Worship.

The XP is called to a different role than the Senior Pastor and should not aspire to be a Senior Pastor. At VCBC, the Executive Pastor should be completely satisfied in being the “right hand person” to the Senior Pastor. The XP must be completely loyal to and serve as a trusted confidant of the Senior Pastor, and also should have a high degree of dedication to minister in the church through this position. The XP will have to understand and embrace the gifts and vision of the Senior Pastor. He will seek to complement the Senior Pastor, assisting him where there are needs and weaknesses. Partnership must be at the center of this relationship.

To succeed in the position, the XP will be organized, assertive, have excellent strategic and management leadership, and have excellent interpersonal relationship skills.

A Bachelor’s degree is required, but a graduate degree in management and/or ministry is preferred. Other qualifications for the successful candidate include at least ten years of successful leadership and progressive management experience and responsibilities; an understanding of budget, financial, and fiscal management as well as human resource management; extensive pastoral or life experience, with particular experience in leadership development, team building, delegation and organization/administration; a high level of motivation and personal accountability; a team player; and a high energy level and a readiness to take on this significant challenge. The candidate should be open to the prospect of at least five years or more of service in this position.