Executive Minister at Central Church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas 500 in worship

Position Summary

The Executive Minister will work closely with the Senior Minister in strategic development (implementation of the vision) and overseeing staff. He will take primary responsibility for the day-to-day management of the church office. He will also be responsible for certain adult ministries.

Primary Responsibilities

Executive Ministry (reports to the Senior Minister and Management Cluster)

Daily/Weekly Supervision of Staff

  • Plan and conduct weekly staff meetings.
  • Supervise support personnel.
  • Seek to resolve personnel disputes.
  • Perform necessary corrective actions with regard to staff.
  • Keep track of all ministerial and secretarial staff sick days, vacations, etc.

Goal Setting and Review

  • Ensure ministers have annual reviews and set goals (in conjunction with the Senior Minister.
  • Conduct reviews for support staff.
  • Supervise reviews for custodians and maintenance personnel.

Management Cluster System

  • Manage the cluster system (organizational chart, changes, updates).
  • Manage scheduling and agenda of Management cluster meetings.

Congregational Activities

  • Coordinate and oversee implementation of budgeting process. This must be done in conjunction with or after goal setting. Coordinate with finance ministry who are responsible for presenting the core budget.
  • Supervise member tracking and retention data.
  • Help the Senior Minister in following up with “congregational goals” determined by elders and ministers each year.
  • Supervise church communications, including publications (e.g. bulletin) and other communication sources (e.g. website, bulletin boards, signage).


  • Sign letters, checks and other documents and correspondence as needed.
  • Maintain and enforce the policy manual.
  • Plan or assign planning for annual leadership retreats and other special meetings.
  • Provide support to the elder chairman for elder meetings and take minutes of the meetings.

Adult Ministries (reports to the Senior Minister)

Small Groups

  • Prepare or provide the weekly lessons.
  • Manage the small group program, groups, and leaders.
  • Promote the evangelistic purpose of small groups.
  • Develop leadership and set vision to enhance ministry.
  • Recruit, motivate, and train group leaders (one-on-one meetings, newsletters…)
  • Provide help and support to Family Life Group leaders.
  • Lead a small group.

Adult Education

  • Develop and maintain the overall education ministry, including the shepherding Bible class structure.
  • Recruit or help other ministers recruit Bible class leaders for each adult class.
  • Recruit teachers, provide resources and support, and connect them with Bible class leaders for teaching opportunities.
  • When needed, develop or provide curriculum for all classes to work through at the same time.
  • Teach Bible classes from time to time.