Executive Director of Ministries

I. Title

Executive Director of Ministries (also known as Executive Pastor)

II. Reports to

Senior Pastor

III. Role

Operating as an extension of the Senior Pastor, sharing the vision and responsibilities to manage and direct the implementation of the vision and ministry plan of BFC; including coordinating all strategic and scenario planning, staffing of all personnel, goal setting, and formulation of operational policies and procedures.

IV. Scope of Ministry

Ministry Directors: Children, Youth, Care, Worship Arts, Community Life, Operations, Accounting, Human Resource, Preschool.

V. Approximate Time Requirements

Average of about 50 hours per week.

VI. Responsibilities

  1. Vision
    • Assist Senior Pastor in developing and clarifying vision. Meet weekly with Senior Pastor.
    • Implement the vision with the staff (Ministry Directors).
    • Become chief spokesperson for implementing vision.
  2. Strategic and Scenario Planning
    • Coordinate (strategic and scenario) planning process with Senior Pastor and Ministry Directors.
    • Work with Senior Pastor to develop and clarify major objectives and goals.
    • Manage progress of staff (Ministry Directors).
    • Assures development of volunteer (servant) leadership training and oversight of their ministries by Ministry Directors.
  3. Ministry Staff
    • Works with staff team to implement vision (recruits, trains, develops, and directs ministry team).
    • Manages and evaluates staff by objectives and goals (evaluation).
    • Presides over Ministry Director’s (staff) meetings.
    • Gives support, encouragement and oversight to ministry team leaders to ensure their understanding of vision.
    • Assists in new staff positions and changes.
    • Creates an environment for all staff through their Ministry Director, to be creative, feel valued and cared for and to have opportunities to develop their S.H.A.P.E.
    • Meets at least twice monthly with each Ministry Director (staff), except monthly with the Preschool Director.
    • Incorporates staff recommendations for vision implementation.
  4. Administration
    • Works with Senior Pastor and Ministry Directors to develop operational policies and procedures.
    • Responsible for ministry, finances, administration, and operations of the church.
    • Ex-officio member of the Board of Elders and Executive Committee of the Elders without a vote in 2008.
    • Meet regularly with Administrative Assistant for communication, planning and coordination.
  5. Added Responsibilities Since Original Job Description.
    1. Small Group Leadership: Model leading and reproducing small groups by regularly leading a small group.
    2. Men’s Ministry: Attend the men’s special events as available and men’s retreat each year.
    3. Elders: Provide administrative support to the Elders. See that their notebook of meetings and minutes are kept accurate and that all policies are kept organized and available as needed.
    4. Teaching Pastor’s Team: Participate in teaching on weekends as scheduled.

VII. Primary Strengths and Abilities Needed

  1. A passion for and commitment to the leadership of Jesus Christ and application of the Scripture.
  2. A demonstrable prayer life that seeks God’s wisdom and direction in all decision making.
  3. The ability to communicate a caring, loving heart, coupled with the skills of an effective leader and manager.
  4. Organized, persuasive, skilled in delegation. Also needed is experience in master planning (strategic or situational planning).
  5. Demonstrates faith by discovering solutions and investigating all ministry possibilities.
  6. Enables us to develop an ethnically diverse ministry team.
  7. Able to preach and teach with sufficient skill for weekend services.