Executive Director of Ministries of Beechwood Church in Holland, Michigan, 500 in worship

This position is responsible for:

  1. Day-to-day administration, management and operations of the church.
  2. Continuing development of a strategic vision process which is endorsed by the leadership and the congregation.
  3. Execution of an effective and efficient means for supporting the church’s ministries, resources and personnel.
  4. Assistance to the pastoral staff as needed for the ministry of the church.

Position: Executive, Ministry Support

  • Accountable to: Senior Pastor
  • Ministry target: Church in general
  • Position is: Paid staff
  • Position may be filled by: Church member or non-member
  • Minimum maturity level: Solid, very mature Christian
  • Spiritual gifts: Administration and Leadership
  • Talents or abilities desired: Good organizational skills, ability to lead others, strategic thinking, proven business experience including finance, solid Bible interpretation
  • Best personality traits: Leader-dependable, Expresser, Team Builder
  • Passion for: Assisting the pastoral staff and Consistory in leading the church
  • Length of service commitment: Two years minimum

Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: Full time, off on Saturday and one day during week, not to coincide with the senior pastor, except for emergencies and special occasions.
  2. Participating in meetings/training: As required.


  1. Manage the daily operations of the church.
  2. Conduct goal setting, performance reviews and staff training.
  3. Implement church policies and procedures under direction of the Consistory.
  4. Assist leadership in defining the dynamic vision for the church in accordance with Scripture and “The Purpose Driven Church.”
  5. Assist the church’s ministries in developing ministry plans that provide for achieving the immediate, near-term and longer-term goals and objectives.
  6. Together with the leadership (Elders and Deacons), provide oversight and administrative support to all established and new ministries of the church.
  7. Pray for and support the pastoral staff. Assist in solving ministry problems.
  8. Facilitate staff meetings and leadership training sessions.
  9. Help develop and oversee ministry budgets and monitor ministry expenditures.
  10. Develop and recommend strategies for ministry growth and program development.
  11. Coordinate all aspects of the church’s internal and external communications and media efforts.
  12. Assist the pastoral staff and Consistory so that foundational beliefs of Scripture are accepted, adhered to and promoted by all individuals in a position of leadership and ministry support.
  13. Assist in orientation of church leaders regarding church ministries and operation.