Elder of Northwest Bible Church of Dallas, Texas 2,000 in worship

Primarily a Community

The Elders are a community of spiritual leaders fulfilling the biblical mandate for Christlikeness.

“We want to be a community of Elders whereby we are helping create an environment that equips and encourages people in our body to passionately pursue Jesus Christ through worship, instruction, service, evangelism and relationships.”


“The purpose of our Council of Elders is not meetings but maturing. It is about knowing God, and growing in Christlikeness which is the fruit of true spiritual community. Then, it is about shepherding God’s flock at Northwest Bible Church.”

Elder Priorities

  • Envisioning the future and spiritually leading the congregation, done by our Senior Pastor.
  • Studying together of God’s Word.
  • Praying together.
  • Serving in ministry together.
  • Connecting to our core vision team.
  • Partnering with our Senior Pastor on shepherding issues.
  • Engaging one another in accountable relationships.
  • Facilitating the Elders agenda, done by our Chairman.
  • Developing new Elders and identifying church leaders.
  • Governing the Church, knowing ministry and staff, guided by our Executive Pastor.

Our Constitution says about Elders

  • Praying for and with the people and watching over their spiritual and physical needs.
  • Administering the ordinances.
  • Making provision for pulpit supply.
  • Visiting members, giving counsel and comfort to those with special needs.
  • Being responsive to all other matters that affect the well being of this church.
  • Directing the affairs of the church, organizations and programs.
  • Promoting missions at home and abroad.
  • Executing legal documents of the church.
  • Receiving and dismissing members.
  • Exercising discipline.



  • Facilitate discussion as “an Elder Community.”
    • This assumes a “strong group” model wherein each Elder has an equal and needed voice.
  • Set the Elder agenda with the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor

Vice-Chairman and Secretary

  • Vice-Chairman fills in for the Chairman when the Chairman is unavailable.
  • Secretary oversees that minutes are kept and co-signs with the Chairman official documents of the church.

All Elders

  • Have an equal voice in meetings.
  • Make decisions by coming to “one mind,” as led by the Holy Spirit. Decisions will be unanimous, without abstentions.
  • Meet once a month with our Senior Pastor to discuss personal and church vision issues. Meet once a month with our Executive Pastor to discuss personal and church governance issues. On a regular basis, the Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor shall bring ministerial staff members to the meetings.
  • Meet with one another to discuss personal issues and shepherding the church.

Meeting Format—Three Thursdays a Month; 6:00-9:00 pm

Led by our Chairman and Senior Pastor, kept on track by our Executive Pastor

  1. Dinner—fellowship, prayer and encouragement
    • Core Vision Team—once a year with their spouse, 4 meetings a year
    • Ministers & Directors—coming as departments with their Core Vision Team member—4 meetings a year
    • Deacons—3 meetings a year
    • Ministry Teams—4 meetings a year
    • Individuals—8 meetings a year
    • Only Elders—10 meetings a year
  1. Prayer—Elders working with the Senior Pastor
    • A spiritual discipline of together listening to God.
    • Bringing specific needs of the church before God.
    • Confessing sin; Thanksgiving
  1. Discussion of Church Vision—Senior Pastor
  2. Ministry Business—Elders working with the Executive Pastor
    • Shepherding items
    • Major business items
    • Finance Committee Chairman—twice a year
  1. Spiritual Ministry—Elders working with the Senior Pastor
    • Time in the Word
    • Spiritual Growth
    • Service Projects

Responsibility Delegated by our Elders

  1. Audit Committee
  2. Budget and Compensation Committee
  3. Core Vision Team
    • Community
    • Equipping
    • Family
    • Outreach
  4. Deacons
  5. Finance Committee and Treasurer
  6. Mercies Committee
  7. Missions Committee
  8. Stephen Ministers

Reports that Come to our Elders

  1. Weekly
    • Senior Pastor and Executive Pastor
  2. Semi-Monthly
    • Staff
  3. Monthly
    • Balance Sheet
    • Finance Committee Minutes
    • Financial Status
    • Mercies Committee Minutes
    • Missions Team Minutes
  4. Quarterly
    • Mercies Expenses
    • Treasurers
  5. Annually
    • External Audit and Management Letter
    • Budgets

Elders Do

  • Reviews of Senior Pastor, Executive Pastor, and self-review of Elders.
  • Ordination
  • Restoration


  • Model leadership in personal and group ministry.
  • Be honest with one another.
  • Grow in personal spiritual transformation.
  • Get to know each other, spend time with each other outside of meetings.
  • Get to know members by introducing themselves, spending time with them.
  • Insist on unity in decisions.

Elders Do Not

  • Do anything we can delegate.
  • Deal firsthand with every conflict and shepherding need.
  • Micromanage ministry.
  • Set procedures for running ministry—but do set policy.
  • Fill time with agenda items because “it is there.”
  • Go ahead with a meeting when there is personal hurt or need.