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Confab    \ kän-fab

First used in print in 1701, confab has a long history!

A confab is an informal private conversation or discussion, a chat, a discussion, a conference.

The XP Strategic Confab is a regular time to talk with Fletch and other leaders from around the nation.

What is the XP Strategic Confab?

  • Participate in the Strategic Confab every month via Zoom. Everyone’s cameras and microphones will be live! There will be lots of interactive discussion on the topics that you want to discuss. Hear from Fletch and from others in the Confab.
  • Send Fletch up to twelve emails a year with your strategic questions. Whether in the Confab time or by email, you will get a personal response from Fletch.
  • Throughout the year, Fletch will send group emails with learning materials.
  • Schedule up to three one-on-one calls per year with Fletch to privately discuss any issue.
  • The Confab is limited to twelve people.
  • Agree to confidentiality among the Confab group members. None of us will share any names or personal identifiers with those outside the group.
  • Agree to no recordings of the monthly Confab. Everything is strictly “off the record.”


  • $125 a month with a twelve month term. Just to be clear, that is $1,500 for the one-year term.

Our goal is to respond to all email within one business day

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