Pulse of Your Staff

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How are things going with your staff?

Are you getting accurate feedback?

Does your position make it hard for staff to share candidly?

It can be challenging for staff to share inner thoughts with leadership. Some staff fear they may lose their jobs. Others consider they may not get a raise again. This makes it hard to get ideas about culture, compensation and challenges. XPastor consultant, Mike Gould, conducts interviews with staff to get their perspectives on selected issues at your church.

  • Pulse of Your Staff is a one-on-one dialogue with four to seven of your staff. Through well-crafted and open-ended questions, people give a pulse reading.
  • Pulse of Your Staff gives leadership an awareness of issues, an objective sense of the culture of the church, and a view on how the staff see themselves.
  • Pulse of Your Staff has two options. Choose to get the results anonymously or with staff names. This must be decided before the staff discussions so that staff will know what will or will not be cited.

The process creates a safe place for staff to share their perspective, one that they may not always share directly with church leadership.

Pulse Process

Mike Gould, as XPastor’s Director of Connections and a Leadership Consultant has a four-fold process:

  1. Mike conducts in-depth dialogues with the staff members that you choose.
  2. He discusses the findings with Fletch for input
  3. A three to five page synthesis is prepared, detailing your pulse
  4. Mike debriefs the results with your leadership.

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Mike Gould

Mike has helped his churches develop their unique culture. He is a strong builder and refiner of teams. His knack for developing church staff, hiring well, working out differences of opinion within teams and treating employees with love and dignity, contributes to the overall health of the organization.

He has a God-given skill for identifying and understanding how congregations respond—or don’t respond—to their church’s messaging, branding and communication. Mike has unique insights for identifying church culture, creating warm and welcoming environments, and for setting the desired “tone” for worship services. He seems to effortlessly help ministries adapt to better reflect their cultures, values, and strengths.

Mike earned his Masters of Arts in Religion at Liberty University in 2003. He and his wife, Karin, live in Virginia with their four children. He enjoys songwriting in his free time and you can find his album It’s Not About Me on iTunes.