Get Ready for the New Required Salary Level


Beginning January 1, 2020, more workers in America will qualify for overtime pay. The new Department of Labor rules will expand coverage to over a million more employees. The minimum salary levels will rise from $23,660 to $35,568 per year.

Today is the right time to get ready. January 1 is right around the corner. If you are found to be out of compliance, you can face significant fines and penalties. Learn your options and make your plans now!

What is changing?

  • The salary for exemption from FLSA will now be at least $684 a week or $35,568 a year.

Exempt employees must continue to meet the qualifications for exemption.

If an employee is below the new salary …

  • You must pay overtime.
  • The worker must clock hours.
  • The worker must take meal and rest breaks.
  • You cannot ask the worker to do any work after hours, including business phone calls, without paying them overtime pay.

Questions for Churches

With the new regulations that take effect on January 1, 2020, what are the questions that churches are asking?

  • Are we being forced to pay a salary of at least $684 a week for pastors?
  • What about staff who are currently exempt at $387 a week in salary–do we have to give them a raise or what?
  • Can a church make a staff person ministerially exempt to avoid these issues?

Get answers to these questions so that you can be compliant with the new regulations.

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XPastor’s Compliance Check

With a maximum of ease by the church, XPastor can:

  • Examine all salaries in your church.
  • Review the FLSA status for every employee.
  • Give you easy-to-implement recommendations.

The XPastor Compliance Check fee is based on the size of your church’s budget:

  • For a church with a budget under $1 million, our fee is $750.
  • For a church with a budget between $1 million and $2.5 million, our fee is $1,200.
  • For a church with a budget over $2.5 million, our fee is $1,800.

XPastor will send you a spreadsheet to list the wages of each employee, title and current exemption status. XPastor will analyze your data and send you a report with recommendations.

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