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Many times in ministry, you want an outside perspective. But, you don’t need a long-term consulting engagement. The issue is vital but who can give advice.

I’m having an issue with a staff member and need input from someone with experience.

We have just had a sexual abuse case and need a few calls to ensure we are doing the right things.

We have a major budget problem and I’ve never dealt with this kind of challenge before.

Fletch has experience in churches of all sizes, single and multi-site, bookstores, cafes and church owned apartments. Get help with “Fletch On-Call.”

  • Send Fletch up to eight emails a year with your strategic questions. You will get a personal response from Fletch.
  • Gain access to Fletch’s insider files. These are not available on XPastor and contain information about strategy, policy, compensation, hiring, terminations and so much more. These are sent to you as you ask questions of Fletch.
  • Throughout the quarter, Fletch sends emails with newly developed learning materials. Get the very latest in leadership thinking here!
  • Schedule up to two one-on-one calls per year with Fletch to privately discuss any issue.
  • Your confidential church information is safe with Fletch. He never shares names or personal identifiers with others.
  • Get the wisdom from Fletch’s decades of ministry experience.


  • $35 a month for a one-year term.

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