Compensation Consulting

Level 2 Compensation Consulting brings the resources of XPastor to your salaries and method of compensation.

The Smart Money for Church Salaries book and video series is available. This may be enough help for you to solve the compensation questions in your church. Need more? When you need an outside and objective expert, Fletch can help.

Have Fletch bring the full resources of Smart Money for Church Salaries to your church, budget and salaries. Answer the pressing questions of, Are we in compliance? What is fair pay for our city? Do we have equitable pay grids for staff?

XPastor provides strategic answers to the complex issues of compensation in your church. Through an in-depth process, you will get:

  • An analysis of your staff descriptions, FLSA classifications and salaries. Ensure that all staff are being paid correctly.
  • Comparison of your data with local and national salaries. Ensure that all staff are being paid fairly.
  • Creation of a Big Burrito salary spreadsheet. Know the total cost of each employee, salary and benefits.
  • A four-quad compensation grid for each level of your church staff. Know what your salary ranges should be.


The scope of this review entails extensive work. Financial staff send varied salary and benefit data along with other compensation documents. Church policy and the constitution/by-laws are examined.

You receive a 50+ page report with readable results. It includes local and national salary comparisons, the Big Burrito spreadsheet and so much more. The report also includes ways that you can take your church to the next level.

Our goal is to respond to all email within one business day

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A Leader Wrote

Two of the challenges of leading and serving a church is ensuring that employees are fairly compensated while at the same time maintaining a healthy staff operating budget. Requesting the guidance of David Fletcher and XPastor was one of the best decisions we made when we realized the complexity of this task.

David’s extensive experience in compensation audits and diligent research into our church culture provided us a learning experience that has set us up for success for years to come. We now have the tools and know-how to effectively make adjustments to our staffing and compensation strategy while at the same time honoring our hard-working staff members.

He also helped us uncover some pay-structure practices that could land us in trouble in an audit and helped us to navigate how too quickly but carefully adjust those practices. Our church is on a much healthier trajectory and solid compensation footing with his help.

Jarm Turner
St. Mark’s Church
Burlington, NC