Church Consulting

Level 2 Church Consulting focuses on strategic issues in your church. The types of issues may be:

  • Strategic Issues—taking a church to the next level is always a challenge. Learning from national issues and trends gives you scope and new possibilities. Find solutions to the strategic issues that are facing your church.
  • Church Crisis—sadly, churches find themselves confronted with dire leadership issues. This can range from an abrupt departure of key staff, to allegations of sexual misconduct, to a potential church split. XPastor can walk with you through the crisis.
  • Leadership Transitions—planning for and executing a serene transition is ideal for church leadership teams. A transition is an ideal time to evaluate “who does what” in leadership and the best ways to move forward.

The Secret Sauce

XPastor begins any consultation by listening to you and your issues. This takes a well-trained ear and sufficient time to learn about your church. A customized plan is then developed, one which is specifically tailored to your church. Your church do not need a cookie-cutter approach. It deserves answers that fit your church polity, constitution and policy.

The goal of consulting is to bring home “wins” that can take your church to the next level of ministry.

Our goal is to respond to all email within one business day

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