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Level 2 Consulting brings the resources of XPastor to your church’s issues. For 35 years, Fletch of the Hey Fletch column, led churches from 1,000-8,000 members, single and multisite, churches with camps, schools, apartments and cafés. He brings an objective perspective, broad knowledge and vast experience. He’s a friend and “church doctor.” Fletch brings biblical principles and best practices to your church’s unique culture and setting.

Level 2 Individual Consulting with Fletch

This area works with you through an entire year’s ministry cycle.

  • Personalized consulting and Fletch works with just a few leaders in this in-depth process.
  • A one-year term to work through a complete ministry cycle of your church.
  • Focus on your ongoing needs and where you should be going

Level 2 Individual Consulting with Mike

Mike Gould brings focused time with you. You’ll feel like you’re with an old friend as you are coached and counseled through hurdles and pivotal moments in your ministry. It is a balanced approach to Pastoral Care coupled with Leadership Coaching. Mike himself has been coached at a high level by seasoned leaders—which has greatly shaped his approach to helping others through complicated times.

Level 2 Church Consulting

XPastor helps you when dealing with key issues and multiple people in your church.

  • Strategic Issues—find solutions to the key issues that are facing your church such as with key staff, governing boards and structure.
  • Church Crisis—This can range from an abrupt departure of key staff, to allegations of sexual misconduct, to a potential church split. XPastor can walk with you through the crisis.
  • Leadership Transitions—plan for and execute a serene transition in your church leadership team.

Level 2 Compensation Consulting

Have Fletch bring the full resources of Smart Money for Church Salaries to your church, budget and salaries. Answer the pressing questions of:

  • Are we in compliance?
  • What is fair pay for our city?
  • Do we have equitable pay grids for staff?

Pulse of Staff

It can be challenging for staff to share inner thoughts with leadership. Some staff fear they may lose their jobs. Others consider they may not get a raise again. This makes it hard to get ideas about culture, compensation and challenges.

  • Pulse of Your Staff is a one-on-one dialogue with four to seven of your staff. Through well-crafted and open-ended questions, people give a pulse reading.
  • Pulse of Your Staff gives leadership an awareness of issues, an objective sense of the culture of the church, and a view on how the staff see themselves.

Mike Gould conducts interviews with staff to get their perspectives on selected issues at your church.

XPastor Can Help

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