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Level 2 Consulting brings the resources of XPastor to your church’s issues. For 35 years, Fletch of the Hey Fletch column, led churches from 1,000-8,000 members, single and multisite, churches with camps, schools, apartments and cafés. He brings an objective perspective, broad knowledge and vast experience. He’s a friend and “church doctor.” Fletch brings biblical principles and best practices to your church’s unique culture and setting.

Level 2 Individual Consulting

This area works with you through an entire year’s ministry cycle.

  • Personalized consulting and Fletch works with just a few leaders in this in-depth process.
  • A one-year term to work through a complete ministry cycle of your church.
  • Focus on your ongoing needs and where you should be going

Level 2 Church Consulting

XPastor helps you when dealing with key issues and multiple people in your church.

  • Strategic Issues—find solutions to the key issues that are facing your church such as with key staff, governing boards and structure.
  • Church Crisis—This can range from an abrupt departure of key staff, to allegations of sexual misconduct, to a potential church split. XPastor can walk with you through the crisis.
  • Leadership Transitions—plan for and execute a serene transition in your church leadership team.

Level 2 Compensation Consulting

Have Fletch bring the full resources of Smart Money for Church Salaries to your church, budget and salaries. Answer the pressing questions of:

  • Are we in compliance?
  • What is fair pay for our city?
  • Do we have equitable pay grids for staff?

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