Mosaic Church is seeking a full-time Lead Pastor to develop, oversee, and provide vision and spiritual leadership for all of the staff, ministries and programs of Mosaic Church. The right candidate for this position must be a dynamic communicator with the ability to connect with all generations, and have a degree from an accredited seminary. Primary responsibilities will be to provide visionary leadership and strategic thinking, preach the Word of God, and empower church staff to lead their specific ministries.

Church Description

Mosiac Church today is a vibrant collection of broken people who realize God will do something amazing if they will just give Him all the pieces!

The weekend worship with music is full of life, passion, volume and energy. The teaching of God’s Word is verse-by-verse and contains both deep expository content and relevant application.

Our Mission

To love every person who walks through our doors, to present Jesus clearly and to connect people to God and one another.

Our Vision

To reach the 180,000 people on the Mississippi gulf coast who do not have a church home.

Mosaic is located on the gulf coast of Mississippi in one of the greatest small towns in America—Ocean Springs.

Ocean Springs has a reputation as an arts community. Its historic and secluded downtown area, with streets lined by live oak trees, is home to dozens of art galleries, restaurants and vintage shops. With a fishing pier, a playground, and views of the Gulf Islands, this beach is a true community destination.

Mosaic Church holds to these four core values:

  1. Truth—The Bible is our standard for truth.
  2. Worship—If you know the truth about God and you know the truth about yourself, the logical response is worship.
  3. Community—We believe that the Bible also teaches us to be in tight community and worship together as a church and in smaller groups.
  4. Outreach—Outreach is our one core value that will never completely be met. We will not be finished until we accomplish our mission to reach the 180,000 unchurched people on the Gulf Coast. We will plant churches and partner with other churches and organizations to accomplish the mission.

Position Description

The challenge at Mosaic Church lies in growing the church spiritually and numerically in a community that is close to the coast. A location where there are many activities to compete for peoples’ time and attention.

The person seeking this role should be a dynamic communicator and leader with godly character. A person with deep biblical knowledge who will connect well with the congregation and community.

The person seeking this role must be comfortable around a diverse community of affluent, artsy, redneck, hippy, coastal people!

The pastor must be able to engage this community with truth and grace. He cannot talk down to people. There must be an authentic “me too” attitude.

Mosaic is an externally-focused church that is highly concerned with those who are not yet there, but also genuinely caring for those who call Mosaic home. It is a Bible-centered church with a very strong staff and programs.

The following characteristics make Mosaic Church a unique opportunity:

  • A committed congregation of 2,000 people that are hungry to learn, grow and serve the gulf coast community.
  • A young, humble and capable staff that is ready to lead and grow into the future.
  • An active group of leaders and volunteers.
  • An experienced elder team that is supportive of the staff and Lead Pastor.
  • A church that is committed to planting churches.
  • A church with very low debt that gives the first 10% of everything they receive to local, national and global missions.
  • A brand new facility, with an 1,100 seat auditorium, that is ready to be occupied and leveraged for ministry starting this October, 2016.

Full-time Staff Position

Full time position. Flexible 5-6 days/week with at least one full day off, 45-50 hours per week.

Purpose of Position

To develop, oversee, and provide vision and spiritual leadership for all the staff, ministries and programs of Mosaic Church.


  1. A humble servant leader who exhibits the qualities identified in 1 Timothy 3:1-11; Titus 1:6-9; and 2 Timothy 3:14-4:5.
  2. Must be a dynamic communicator with the ability to connect with all generations.
  3. Have a passion for preaching the authoritative Word of God as revealed in the Old and New Testaments in a practical and relevant way.
  4. Leads his family well. Understands his family is his first responsibility.
  5. Able to balance personal, social, and pastoral duties.
  6. Loves the local church and its mission as identified within Scripture (e.g. Matthew 22:36-40; 28:19-20; Acts 2:42-47; Romans 6:1-4; Ephesians 4:11-16; Colossians 1:28-29).
  7. Embraces and adheres to Mosaic Church beliefs, doctrines and DNA.
  8. Be committed to biblical stewardship and be willing to teach it.
  9. Not burdened with excessive personal debt and manages his finances with a biblical priority.
  10. Have at least 8 years of ministry experience as a Senior/Lead Pastor, Campus Pastor, Associate Teaching Pastor and/or a Student Pastor.
  11. Have a degree from an accredited seminary. A Masters of Divinity is preferred.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Provide visionary leadership and strategic thinking.
  • Preach the Word of God.
  • Oversee the church staff and empower them to lead their specific ministries.
  • Participate as a voting member of the Board of Elders


The Lead Pastor reports to the Board of Elders.

Compensation Package

A generous salary will be extended to the selected Lead Pastor. In addition, the compensation package includes:

  • Benefits package: Family medical, sick time, disability insurance, 403b participation, cell phone.
  • Vacation: 3-4 week negotiable.
  • Sabbatical: 6 weeks every 7 years of service.
  • Creative properties (i.e. books, seminars, conferences etc.)

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